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Companion Prints Part 1

Kinda like doin' a series, but without the pressure of having to do a buttload at once :P Both prints made 2019, these are the Spaceglass set.

Desk [Voxel art]

Sometimes I see really pretty images of voxel art and decide to download magicavoxel again, yet I always regret that I still don't know how to actually make things as pretty

i recently got clip studio paint and it's just. fantastic

[Meme] CLOSE UP ft. Ava ☄️ || Gore & Flash Warning

hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah

i've never made a video so fast in my life but i NEEDED to do this one so badly so

here we are

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Silly watercolour robot AKA Trurl's Bride

Sailor Moon Space promo picture #2, another variant

i mean. because why not.

might as well stick some photography on here, yeehaw. i took this picture years ago but like. appreciate it

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hi i got a new computer

a real quick seb stardewvalley because i Love the Sad Boy?